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A Psychodynamic view into the psyche of The Joker from Batman (TAS)

Before I continue you with this discussion I would like to clear up some things. I am analyzing the character from the original animated series that ran from the 1980’s to the early 2000’s. Also, there is a large misconception is that this character known as “The Joker” is psychotic when in fact he is not psychotic but instead he is actually psychopath.
Being a psychopath is a personality construct and not a mental disorder of which being psychotic is.
I will be focusing on what the character does mostly in the movie Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker.
(From only the parts that the real Joker appears in the film)
 In the movie he mentally tortures not only Batman but also his adopted son, Tim Drake (Robin). The Joker proceeds to experiment on Tim Drake till he turns him into a copy of himself. He tortures and performs surgeries and chemical processes on Tim Drake to replicate the process that turned himself into a permanent clown.
He proceeds to show Batman a film that shows him doing the process of torturing and experimenting on Tim Drake, laughing while he does it.
He also attempts to finally murder Batman with a knife and when that fails he has the changed Tim Drake (the result of all his experimentation) aim to shoot Batman with a gun.
During this time he displays a sense of happiness and excitement at each new development and even psychoanalyses Batman during the process. He is able to slither his way into a person’s mind and mentally torture them with what they fear and hate most with only his words. He finds excitement and enjoyment in death and attempted murder.
The types of personalities, mental disorders, and mental processes that the Joker displays are the following with the consequencetial reasons why:
Psychopath: The Joker clearly shows a lack of empathy and stress toleancre along with egocentricity, cold-heartedness, manipulativeness, lack of remorse, and even superficial charm. In general psychopaths have a flamboyant flair with how they act and love to manipulate people and have people question themselves and their own integrity for their actions.
use superficial charm to lure their victims. 
are extremely self-centered. 
must always do something to keep themselves from boredom. 
are very deceptive and tend to lie continuously. 
show no remorse of guilt towards their victims. 
are very predatory and usually will live off other people. 
are very impulsive with their lifestyle. 
never have a realistic view of their lives. (king of the world or from another planet)
always want psychological gratification in sexual and criminal activities. 
Schizoid personality disorder: The Joker presents an interesting way of being and thinking that would point toward having a solitary lifestyle and a lack of interest of trying to form a social relationship. He also has a secretiveness also an emotional coldness and apathy about him that would lead someone to assume that he has (SPD).
Sociopath: A sociopath is a person whom is afflicted with a personality disorder along with anti-social behavior who acts on criminal intents. The Joker can easily fit this definition. Sociopaths:
are very charming,
can be extremely manipulative and will try to con you whenever possible, 
feel that they are entitled to everything,
 will lie continuously to get what they want.
They can even sometimes manipulate a lie detector, have no remorse, shame or guilt, will show love and happiness only when it serves their purpose. None of the feelings are genuine,
need to have excitement in their lives or live on the edge
have lack of empathy hen their victims suffer pain that they have caused
believe that they are all mightier than thou, there is no concern on how their behavior impacts others
From all the descriptions stated, The Joker fits them all in the short time that he actually appears in the movie.

*Bursts into the room*
Well, well, well, it seems you have stumbled upon what I sort of am haven’t you? You are trying to read up on why I act the way I act aren’t you?
It doesn’t matter *adjusts his tie* all you really need to know is that I do what I do for the sake of doing it. Well you still want to know don’t you?
You see…in a world such as this where I am the god of chaos and fun you cannot abide by the rules. There are some things that can just push a person past the edge. It does not take much because everyone in their own way is already insane. That is one of the big secrets of the universe did you know? Everybody is insane, some act on it and some don’t, you can see it everyday.

However, what is sanity my dear reader? Do you consider yourself sane? In a world that controls you and nearly every action is already previously determined are you sane or are you a robot? Are you sentient or are you a mere machine doing a meaningless task day in and day out? I mean there is only so much one person can take, over and over and over and over again and again and again and again until you realize you are already dead.
People work themselves to death for terrible reasons. *pulls out hankerchief and wipes fake tears* It is quite saddening really, but oh what the heck I’ll laugh anyways
You see, a person of such greatness and genius such as me is quite difficult and yet easy to understand. I felt like breaking from all the conformity of life and I did so.
When I fell into that chemical vat as a small boy it changed me…wait no, now I am lying to you, you could tell right away that I would never lie to you my dear reader.
When I was horribly scarred after a horrible day work and my wife was sleeping with another man I simply snapped and knew then I could no longer be normal. That is when I realized sanity is like a stick in the wind, sometimes some people get a stronger wind than others and some just SNAP! HAHAHAHAHA or when I was a little boy and my alcoholic father would come and beat me within an inch of my life once a week. Or how about when I was already older and my credit along with my identity stolen by my so called best friend and then he took my college girlfriend and ratted me out to the cops for having stolen a few dollars when no one was looking? I can go on all day, but I think I have proven my point.
Imagine if you took the sanest people and gave them that little push? That extra wind required to snap? That is what I sought to achieve, I am not at all alone in this world, I AM GOD IN THIS WORLD! I control what I want, the world around me does not at all control me. When I saw poor little Timmy Drakey the second little bird boy of my dear Batman, I wanted to truly show him what it was like to live without rules, without the rules that “sanity” abides by.
He was quite strong and even Batman would be proud of him but eventually after all the electric shocks being administered over and over and over and over while showing him images from my special folder while injecting him with the same chemicals that changed me over and over and over again and again and again finally got to him and I was able to free his mind.
You see I did not make him the way he came out, I simply…FREED HIM, HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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What is their purpose?

Hello :D
 My name is Shu. I'm Japanese. I'll post the article mainly in Japanese. And sorry for my poor English :)


 Consumption tax increase policy was gotten into the news in Japan.Democratic Party of Japan became the government party in 2009 by fascinating manifests.And they said ‘we oppose a tax increase!’But now,they are planning a consumption tax increase.Of course they were criticized.Especially Liberal Democratic Party,a former government party in Japan,criticized so hard.But I remember Liberal Democratic Party said ‘we should increase taxes and we will!’in 2009.
 I thought both parties are not good.Democratic Party of Japan betrayed voters.And Liberal Democratic Party is ... I can't understand they work for who.Democratic Party of Japan is a liar,and Liberal Democratic Party is just keeping criticize,don't work for a nation.As a result,
we don't have any parties which we want to vote.According to the newest opinion survey,‘we don't support any parties.’ is over 70%.Politicians,please work more FOR JAPAN.

I went Gion Matsuri(祇園祭) ! This is one of the biggest festivals in Japan.

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Racism In the World English version

An issue that has boggled a many few of this generation of young people, but it is an issue of debate and sadly still apparent in our time period. Quite appalling is what it is, to see such an outdated principle still practiced in our modern society. The amount of power that comes with being proud of your race and feeling the need to belittle other races was most apparent at the recent UEFA Euro 2012 where FOUR Countries were fined for the racist activities of their fans.
It is saddening that many people of our supposedly “modern” society still have feelings of discrimination and racism is still widely spread. Shouldn’t we as one of the only known species in our solar system have a mutual respect for each other knowing we are all human and there is nothing we cannot do when we work together for a common cause?
Together we can accomplish anything, divided we have wars, poverty and death. Racism and pride of one’s race has been one of the greatest fuels for wars in the past: The American Civil war, World War One (The Great War) [the Ottoman Empire was the biggest culprit], World War Two, ETC. Countries such as Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, and Spain have many deep rooted histories of racism in which some are still very apparent till today.
Something drastic has to be done soon to combat this ideal and idea that one race is superior than another, for the sake of the future generations, for the sake of the world, and for the sake of peace.

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Rassismus in der Welt


Entschuldigen Sie mein Deutsch nicht für die war.

Ein Thema, das hat viele boggled eine paar dieser Generation von jungen Menschen, aber es ist eine Frage der Debatte und leider immer noch in unserer Zeit deutlich. Ziemlich erschreckend ist, was es ist, um zu sehen, wie eine veraltete Prinzip immer noch in unserer modernen Gesellschaft praktiziert. Die Höhe der Leistung, die mit Stolz auf Ihr Rennen und das Bedürfnis, anderen Rassen herabzusetzen kommt war am deutlichsten bei der jüngsten UEFA Euro 2012 im Vier-Länder für die rassistischen Aktivitäten ihrer Fans bestraft wurden.
Es ist traurig, dass viele Menschen unserer vermeintlich "modernen" Gesellschaft immer noch Gefühle von Diskriminierung und Rassismus ist immer noch weit verbreitet. Sollten wir nicht als eine der wenigen bekannten Arten in unserem Sonnensystem haben einen gegenseitigen Respekt für einander zu wissen, wir sind alle Menschen und es gibt nichts, was wir nicht tun können, wenn wir zusammen für eine gemeinsame Sache arbeiten?
Zusammen können wir alles erreichen, teilten wir haben Krieg, Armut und Tod. Rassismus und Stolz der eigenen Rasse ist eine der größten Kraftstoffe für Kriege in der Vergangenheit: Der amerikanische Bürgerkrieg, dem Ersten Weltkrieg (The Great War) [das Osmanische Reich war der größte Übeltäter], Zweiter Weltkrieg, ETC. Länder wie Bulgarien, Zypern, Dänemark, Finnland, Frankreich, Deutschland, Irland und Spanien haben viele tief verwurzelte Geschichte des Rassismus in der einige sind immer noch sehr offensichtlich bis heute.
Etwas drastischer muss bald fertig sein und diese ideale Vorstellung, dass eine Rasse überlegen ist als ein anderes zu bekämpfen, im Interesse der zukünftigen Generationen, im Interesse der Welt, und im Interesse des Friedens.

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Currently Researching

I am currently researching Influential people today and their origins and will make a very large post soon on this Journalist type blog about it. It will be very informative and will present the issues that these people have influenced and directly affected and the what if they had not gotten involved what would have happen.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why are Blood Transfusions so Complicated?

Why are Blood Transfusions so complicated?

A Blood Transfusion is a preferred choice of treatment by many doctors to replace a major blood loss from a multitude of causes. The actually procedure is actually very simple; an intravenous line is inserted into one of your blood vessels and the blood is slowly run into your body.
A Blood Transfusion treatment method is commonly used during major surgeries; if you have an illness that causes heavy bleeding and leads to a loss of, or destruction of blood cells, and/or when there has been a significant loss of blood.
Though it sounds simple enough, there are complications every 1 in 14,000 in the United States alone. If the population of USA is 311,600,000 that means that if the entire country would to get a blood transfusion that 22, 257 would have complications and most probably they would be contagious or venereal disease that would spread. Of the possible complications that may arise the following are the most common:

Allergic reactions most commonly from a histemic reaction from the plasma  in the donated blood.

Febrile reactions have symptoms of a sudden fever, headache, nausea and chills.

Transfusion-related Acute lung injury happens in 1 of every 5,000 transfusions.

Acute immune hemolytic reaction is when the donor and patient blood types do not match and the antibodies attack the “invading” blood cells and cause the blood cells to break open and disperse hazardous materials from the cell into the blood stream. This can cause Chest and lower back pain, fever, chills, and nausea and in some cases DEATH!

Delayed hemolytic reaction, the kidneys are affected by the drop in red blood cell count due to the body rejecting the transfused blood.

Various types of infections such as Hepatitis B and C, Human  immunodeficiency virus (HIV), syphilis, HTLV-I, and HTVL-II, even the West Nile virus.

Why are there so many complications and errors present when transfusing blood?
Well the fact that the blood must be donated in large amounts from a large pool of people that possibly do not know if they have a virus or a venereal disease and then the blood is tested with some old and some new methods but they are not always so easy.
How complicated is it to get the right blood to the right person?
I believe that TV Tropes puts it quite simple as to why it is so complicated and these things take time to do and must be meticulously researched.
“In the early twentieth century, red blood cells were first given the most common classifications: O, A, B and AB. Three decades later the Rhesus factor was also discovered, marking any blood as RH positive (+) or RH negative (-), and woe to you if you get a transfusion of the wrong RH. (Only applicable if the receiver is RH negative. In RH- blood there is no antigen for the RH+ body to recognize and fight, whereas the RH- body will attack RH+ blood.) Now, O red cells can be given to anyone, and AB can receive any type of red blood cells. So a really rare blood type for receiving a red cell donation would be O- (because the only type they can tolerate is another O-), B-, then A- (B- is the rarest of the three, but can tolerate the more common O-, as can A-).
With plasma, it's the other way around. The plasma of group O people contains antibodies to both A and B blood group substances, which is why they have a reaction if they receive those types. So giving O plasma to an A patient may result in a minor reaction as the donated antibodies attack the recipient's cells. AB plasma has neither antibody, so it can be given to anyone.”

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Important Dates from History to Remember

Some Important Dates of history to remember and 5 of which are explained why they are so important.
1455: Johannes Gutenberg prints the first book, the Bible. This leads to mass production of books. Around the year 1500, there were more than 1000 printers all around Europe. This led to an exposure of knowledge. This also led to seeking of knowledge and scholarly research.
1505: Regarded as one of the Masters of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci paints The Mona Lisa.
1517: On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther presented a list called the 95 Theses that was an objection to the Church’s practice of indulgences.
1518: A Spanish ship carrying the first boat full of African slaves travels to the Americas. This led to a surge of slave trade that would last for over 2 centuries.
1521: Due to the Church not being able to accept Martin Luther’s ideas they decided to excommunicate him in January of 1521. This leads Luther on to create Lutheranism and be successful due to having the support of many German rulers and numerous states of the Holy Roman Empire.
1603: Queen Elizabeth the First dies.
1618: The Thirty Years’ War begins.
1642: A Civil war in England begins. This is considered the English Revolution.
1648: The Thirty Years’ War ends.
1689: Peter the Great becomes the Russian Czar. This leads to a conquest going west and later a westernization of Russia.
1775: The American Revolution begins. This leads to the creation of the country The United States of America.

An in Depth description of 5 significant events from history
1. 1455: In this year a man by the name Johannes Gutenberg printed a book for the first time ever. This first printed book was the Bible. This innovation led to many printers being built around Europe. With all these printers built, the spread of knowledge was rapid. This led to many more people becoming more educated than before, leading to a period when knowledge was accessible and steadily available. By the year 1500 the amount of printers in Europe was more than 1000. This opened the door to seekers of knowledge and scholarly research. Due to this more denominations were allowed to spread around the world and there was slightly less oppression from the Catholics of the time period. 

2. 1505: In this Year an artist by the name of Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa. This Painting had a great impact in the arts from then on to modern times. This impact was felt so greatly for the following reasons. The Mona Lisa was a break from most of the traditional style of paintings at the time which were full body. The pose of the painting that Leonardo introduced was unknown at the time and was copied almost immediately. The waist up style was famously copied by another artist of the time Raphael. The realism of the painting also showed his mastery of his craft making others want to imitate him causing an increase in painters and sculptures of the time. Leonardo’s style of realism has been imitated many times since some even claim their own work as his. Even now people still admire him and his artwork for its impact during the renaissance.

3. 1521: For many years the monk and professor by the name Martin Luther had been trying to make changes in the church and how they viewed things. After presenting The Ninety-five Theses and moving toward breaking away from the church he was excommunicated. This was due to not being able to accept Martin Luther’s at the time radical ideas. These series of events that led Martin Luther to being excommunicated also led him to eventually begin the Lutheranism movement which also led eventually to the Protestant religion.

4. 1689: This is the year Peter the Great became the Russian Czar. With this occurrence came a change in the lifestyle of the Russians. With becoming the Czar Peter the Great like those before him had an absolute monarchy claiming the divine right to rule. Peter the Great would become known as such after many accomplishments. After a trip to the west and returning to westernize Russia, and reorganized the military power. He also left a great legacy, creating the first Russian Navy, dividing Russia into Provinces conquering a great portion of the east, and westernized Russia. His rule would have an impact that would affect for years to come.

5. 1775: The American Revolution begins. This is the first resistance to the English government. Eventually due to the Napoleonic wars, Great Britian has to move its troops from North America back to Great Britian to fight against the French Forces eventually allowing United States to become an independent nation.