Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Racism In the World English version

An issue that has boggled a many few of this generation of young people, but it is an issue of debate and sadly still apparent in our time period. Quite appalling is what it is, to see such an outdated principle still practiced in our modern society. The amount of power that comes with being proud of your race and feeling the need to belittle other races was most apparent at the recent UEFA Euro 2012 where FOUR Countries were fined for the racist activities of their fans.
It is saddening that many people of our supposedly “modern” society still have feelings of discrimination and racism is still widely spread. Shouldn’t we as one of the only known species in our solar system have a mutual respect for each other knowing we are all human and there is nothing we cannot do when we work together for a common cause?
Together we can accomplish anything, divided we have wars, poverty and death. Racism and pride of one’s race has been one of the greatest fuels for wars in the past: The American Civil war, World War One (The Great War) [the Ottoman Empire was the biggest culprit], World War Two, ETC. Countries such as Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, and Spain have many deep rooted histories of racism in which some are still very apparent till today.
Something drastic has to be done soon to combat this ideal and idea that one race is superior than another, for the sake of the future generations, for the sake of the world, and for the sake of peace.

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