Thursday, July 19, 2012

What is their purpose?

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 My name is Shu. I'm Japanese. I'll post the article mainly in Japanese. And sorry for my poor English :)


 Consumption tax increase policy was gotten into the news in Japan.Democratic Party of Japan became the government party in 2009 by fascinating manifests.And they said ‘we oppose a tax increase!’But now,they are planning a consumption tax increase.Of course they were criticized.Especially Liberal Democratic Party,a former government party in Japan,criticized so hard.But I remember Liberal Democratic Party said ‘we should increase taxes and we will!’in 2009.
 I thought both parties are not good.Democratic Party of Japan betrayed voters.And Liberal Democratic Party is ... I can't understand they work for who.Democratic Party of Japan is a liar,and Liberal Democratic Party is just keeping criticize,don't work for a nation.As a result,
we don't have any parties which we want to vote.According to the newest opinion survey,‘we don't support any parties.’ is over 70%.Politicians,please work more FOR JAPAN.

I went Gion Matsuri(祇園祭) ! This is one of the biggest festivals in Japan.

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